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discussion board: !!online!! click to visit discourse @ fatal(Syntax) 
irc chat: !! offline !!
voip: online! (mumble; connect to `ascired.fatalsyntax.com` as a guest; introduce yourself to an admin to get auth'd)
active game server(s): 
pending game server(s): minecraft, vpn setup for borderlands (1&2) lan play


who we are: a bunch of geeks trying to have some fun.
what we do: gaming, drinking, smoking, talking, writing, driving, watching, ponies, shooting, working, spending.
when we do it: all the time. simultaneously.
why get involved? because this is your chance to shape a community from the ground up.

please forward all e-mail to drbawb+[prefix] [at] fatalsyntax [dot] com
* abuse reports  to `drbawb+abuse`
* suggestions to `drbawb+suggestions`
* misc. to `drbawb+fsyn` (incl., but not limited to: licensing [coypright, et al.], site issues, etc.)

`drbawb+fsyn` is the main contact address for this domain and all related services.

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